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Pharaoh’s Chamber @ Mind Trap Escape Rooms (Montgomery, IL)

Date played:  Saturday, May 25, 2019
Number of players:  4
Max number of players possible for this room: 10
Public or private game:  Private (only because no strangers booked with us)
Outcome:  Escaped

First Impressions
I had called in advance and asked if it would be possible for our room to be made private, and was told that they could as long as we paid full price for our booking. We used a Groupon so that wasn’t an option for us. The price with the Groupon was only about $18 per person, so we got a good deal there, and luckily nobody else booked the room with us, so we still got a private experience.

The customer service while at the location was great. There didn’t seem to be an option to fill out a waiver online ahead of time but it was a quick process in the lobby.

There were lockers outside the room for storing our personal items, which I liked. The explanation of the rules took place inside the room, and I found that I actually liked having our Game Master say them out loud to us instead of having it in a video. I wish there was some way veteran players could bypass this step though. Can I get a badge to flash to prove that I’m an experienced player and will not break your room?

The story for this room on the website is as follows:

“Traps have sealed your fate, doors have closed and you have 60 minutes to find the sacred scarab and escape the tomb. This escape room features a super realistic environment within a 20 foot tall room, special effects, secret passageways and more!

Game Play
Immersion is king to me in escape rooms, and Mind Trap did that very well. The room really looked like a tomb from top to bottom, with stone-looking walls, hieroglyphics, dark lighting, sand, and more. I felt like every part of it fit the theme well. I’m someone whose eyes take a long time to adjust to low lighting and even that wasn’t a problem once I had been in the room a little while.

My group did notice that there was no story given at the start of the room. In all honesty that’s not something I usually pay attention to, so I didn’t even realize it, but for those who like to know the background plot of a room, this one didn’t have one given beyond what was written on the website.

This room is listed as being available for up to 10 players, but that would be one uncomfortable game in my opinion. I’m glad we didn’t have any more than 4 people in there together. There is room to spread out, but anytime you discover something new, of course everyone wants to take a look, and in many cases even the 4 of us couldn’t all see something at the same time. It’s hard not to see that number 10 as just a cash grab (really? You would let TEN people pay full price to squish in together instead of limiting the number and giving each person a better experience?) but I’m sure there are big groups that come in and don’t want to be separated. Still, with the capacity listed at 10, here’s what I’m certain happens: a group of 4 like ours books the room. Then another group comes along who doesn’t understand what ERs are or how they work, and they see.”6 spots available” and they book them, assuming it’s something like a movie theater or other event where the experience is not quite as affected by how many other people are there. And then you get 10 people in a room that’s best for 4 and it’s no fun. I think if a company wants to list a capacity that high, the rooms need to be private by default.

I thought the puzzles in the room were good, with a good mix of different types. There was one puzzle I didn’t love that I had also encountered in another room, only because it required putting 2 items together that otherwise would have no reason to be put together. I would have liked it more if there was more flow into naturally combining the items.

We escaped with over 17 minutes left on the clock, which was just a little disappointing. I wish we had asked for no clues, even though they only provided the 2 or 3 allotted, just to get more out of the experience. It feels like a waste of money to get out with so much time remaining, even though the room was good.

Final Touches
Our GM allowed us to choose either a pen, button, or sticker as our reward for finishing the room. We took our team picture, looked at the ad for their 5 minute Saw themed escape, and then we were off.


In conclusion…

Play This Room If…
-You’re somewhat new to escape rooms but have done a few and know the basics
-The decor/design is important to you
-You also want to play laser tag, as this is available on-site as well

Skip This Room If…
-You will be playing with more than four people in your group
-You are a very experienced player and want to get your money’s worth, time-wise

Overall rating:  4 out of 5

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