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Museum @ 60 To Escape (Gurnee, IL)

Date played: Saturday, December 28, 2019
Number of players: 4
Max number of players possible for this room: 8
Public or private game: Private
Outcome: Escaped

First Impressions
Skipping again, since we had been here several times before. 🙂

The story for this room on the website is as follows:

“A priceless jewel just turned up in a local museum. Your Team has someone on the inside who rigged the place so you could get in and rob it. But things aren’t so simple. You are going to have to hack the security system and extract that diamond out of a high-security vault before the Guards get back. Will you pull off the heist? Or will this be the job that finally lands you behind bars…”

Game Play
I thought this was a good room overall. It didn’t have a “wow” factor for me but I thought the design, decor, layout, and puzzles were all pretty good.

As with the previous game we had played, I felt like we just couldn’t gain momentum in this game. We did solve some things on our own but there was a lot of stopping and not really knowing what to do next. We would get a clue, it would help us do one thing, and then we would immediately be stuck again. Since this happened in both games, maybe that proves it was our group just having an off day, but it felt like the puzzles didn’t get us into any kind of game flow. There were things that I think we could have/should have been able to figure out, so it was at least partially us, but there were also things that I would have never thought to do.

If you have bad vision, you might feel excluded from a bunch of things in the room. Since the game is set in a museum, there are a bunch of item descriptions to read, and the text is very small. Without a flashlight to shine directly on the words, I had to strain a little to read things.

There was a cool puzzle that we needed help with, but even still, there was a cool effect that was fun to experience. I love any kind of sensor technology in a room, so that got points from me.

We escaped with about 8 minutes to spare, so I guess even with our struggles we did alright. I just would’ve liked more momentum in the game play so that we could’ve done more things without needing to stop for help.

Final Touches
This was our last game to play at this location. (Technically we never played Bomb Squad, but we had no interest in the theme and heard it wouldn’t be as worth it after we had already played their other, newer games.) I kind of wish I had played Hidden Temple last of all their rooms, because that one was so good that it’s hard to follow it with anything and have it compare. But in general this company has done amazing things and has gotten so many things right that I expect they’ll be around for a long time. One employee mentioned that they will soon have a new location in Milwaukee I believe, so good for them! They will definitely be on my list of places to recommend!

In conclusion…

Play This Room If…
-You have a group of about 3-4 people (I think even 5 could feel like too many. I almost wish we had played with only 3.)
-You have kids in your group
-You’ve played at least a few escape rooms before

Skip This Room If…
-You have poor vision and trouble reading small text
-You want more of a “wow” factor type of room

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5

Company website: http://www.62escape.com