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Hidden Temple @ 60 To Escape (Gurnee, IL)

Date played:  Saturday, September 7, 2019
Number of players:  4
Max number of players possible for this room: 8
Public or private game:  Private
Outcome:  Escaped

I am skipping First Impressions and Setup, since we had been to this location before and things were the same (and great!) (You can read about them here if desired.)

The story for this room on the website is as follows:

“You and your team of explorers have been hired to uncover the mysteries of an ancient, Hidden Temple. Your employer believes there are incredible treasures to be obtained from this lost location – but only you and your team have the skills required to extract them. Can you raid this Hidden Temple successfully? Or will you be lost like those who came before you?”

Game Play
I am going to start out by laying all my cards on the table: I absolutely LOVED this room! It is now my second favorite room out of all the rooms I’ve played (see the Hall of Fame for more info!) and the best room I’ve played anywhere in Illinois. Not only that, but it knocked a game out of my top 3 that had been there since March 2018 (Prison Break at The Escape Game.) Talking with my group afterwards, we could not find anything bad to say about this room. 60 To Escape really did a fabulous job with this!

The scenery/decor/props were all perfect. Everything looked and felt realistic and authentic, and I definitely felt immersed in the world. They used a lot of different things that all stayed within the theme but had variety between the different spaces. And they really used the space well! I loved that there was more than one reveal in this game.

Along those same lines, this is my favorite theme of any room that I’ve played. I love fun adventure themes and movies like The Goonies and Indiana Jones, and this fit right in with those things. I think the name “Hidden Temple” had me thinking of something more Egyptian themed, so I wasn’t quite expecting this theme and I was very pleasantly surprised. I’m pretty sure I was grinning the entire time we were playing!

The puzzles were great. They fit in SO many different kinds of puzzles that I think there would be something for everyone to enjoy, kids and adults included. And I even think they got more enjoyable as the game went along! I thought that our group of 4 was the perfect size that allowed for everyone to be pretty involved in just about everything we did. A few more people wouldn’t hurt, though.

Without giving any spoilers, there is one part of the game that I just have to mention. There was one reveal about halfway through the game that just blew me away! Not only was there a very well-decorated and cool-looking space, but I got to be the person who completed our next puzzle and I LOVED it! That moment in particular is a huge highlight out of all my escape room experiences so far and I was just in heaven. Many, many kudos to 60 To Escape for creating that puzzle and that experience!!

We escaped with only 6 SECONDS left on the clock, and it made for an incredible ending!

Final Touches
I mentioned it in my last post, but our Game Master was truly FANTASTIC! He was our same guide for their Mystery Manor room, which we played right after. I could feel his enthusiasm for the game and he was clearly excited for us and enjoyed talking about things with us. He knew exactly the right kind of hints to give us when we needed help, and he just did an amazing job. He even came in halfway through (a different person had brought us into the room), so it’s even more impressive that he was as invested as he was in our game! I would say he is the best Game Master we have ever had in a room, for sure!


In conclusion…

Play This Room If…
-You have a group of about 4-6. I thought 4 was perfect, but if you had some players who weren’t very familiar with escape rooms, it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple more people and they would probably enjoy this as their first room.
-You have kids or adults in your group
-You like adventure and Indiana Jones-type themes

Skip This Room If…
-There is no reason to skip this room! PLAY IT!! 🙂

Overall rating:  5 out of 5

Company website: http://www.62escape.com/

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