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The Timekeeper’s Trapped! @ Escape Factor (Forest Park, IL)

Date played:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Number of players:  4
Max number of players possible for this room: 10
Public or private game:  Private (only because no strangers booked with us)
Outcome:  Escaped

First Impressions
I had been to this location back in June to play the “Bonus Fun Time Game Show” room (review here) and my impression of the lobby space was still positive. I did think it was a little strange that there were random airline seats in the locker/storage area, which they called the airplane room but I think must just be prop storage for an upcoming room? But otherwise it was great.

Our Game Master was Dan and he explained the rules in the main lobby. He was really, really great at his job! He just had the perfect combination of professionalism with a sense of humor, he connected with the group, and I really felt like he loved his job. Big kudos to Dan!

The story for this room on the website is as follows:

“You have been summoned to the lab of the Official Interplanetary Timekeeper. An evil group has been bending time for their own benefit, placing your colleague in extreme peril. Using your group’s unique blend of skills and teamwork, you and your guests must work together to free the Timekeeper. Can you complete your quest in time?”

Game Play
This room was definitely on theme with “time.” I thought the decor was well done and that there was a nice style to the room. The above story line didn’t really ever come into play at all, but the puzzles were all nicely tied into the time theme. I personally don’t usually need much in the way of story, and while playing the room I wasn’t thinking about the story at all, but a little more story line would have added to the overall experience. When I compare this room to rooms that DO integrate the story into the whole room (like Locurio), I realize how much can be added to the experience by really feeling like you’re immersed in something with a more narrative arc.

I felt like 4 people was the perfect amount for this room. (I feel that way about most rooms.) I think up to 6 wouldn’t have been too bad, but any more than that would have just been too much. I suppose if it was a group of all new players, then more people could be helpful, but 4 seemed just right. We all got an equal chance to complete different puzzles, without feeling like we missed out on the rest of the room.

I liked the puzzles in this room, and felt very in-sync with the creators. Sometimes puzzles are written or created in ways that just don’t make sense to you, and sometimes you are right there on the same wavelength with them – this was a same-wavelength room for me. An explanation on a clue would click with me right away, or the setup of a clue would make absolute sense to me as to what I should do with it. There was just the right amount of difficulty, nothing that was frustrating or tedious, no red herrings, no outside knowledge needed, and variety while remaining in the time theme. Maybe I was just having a good puzzle day, but I also felt like I just “got” the room and the style of the clues. (There was one thing in the room that I took much too long to figure out how to interact with, and it wasn’t even something hidden, I just wasn’t looking at it and paying attention to what I was seeing I guess. So maybe that supports the theory that it wasn’t just a good puzzle day for me, or maybe it makes me an over-thinking enthusiast, or maybe it just means I need to get my eyes checked for awareness.)

Overall I would say this was a solid room with good puzzles. If I had to give it a downside, I would say that there wasn’t really much “wow” factor to it. Some parts of the decor were very plain, and there wasn’t anything over the top in the scenery or clues. It makes me want to recommend this room more to beginners because it’s a fine room with good puzzles, but enthusiasts might want something a little extra.

Dan asked us beforehand if we wanted nudges, and I appreciated that. I always want to at least get to the end of a room, even if we don’t beat it, so at first he gave us almost too many nudges and I wanted time to struggle a little more. But we escaped with 2:36 left on the clock, so I think he just wanted to make sure we got through all the puzzles.

Final Touches
I like that Escape Factor asks if you want to see their other rooms while you’re there. We peeked at the game show room, for those of us who hadn’t played it before, and then we also got to see their brand new about-to-open Tree House room. I think more companies should do this, because it does get you interested in coming back to play them, and it doesn’t really give anything away.


In conclusion…

Play This Room If…
-You have a group with beginners
-You mostly like solving puzzles in an escape room and don’t need many frills
-You have 4-6 people in your group

Skip This Room If…
-You want a game with a “wow” factor
-You like a detailed story line that integrates heavily into the game play

Overall rating:  4 out of 5

Company website:

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