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Special Ops @ The Escape Game Chicago

Date played:  Friday, June 15, 2018
Number of players:  4
Max number of players possible for this room: 8
Public or private game:  Private (only because no strangers booked with us)
Outcome:  Escaped

First Impressions
Having been to this location several times already, my “first impressions” were the same as before, but I will say that they always have a neat and clean lobby and very friendly staff members. 🙂

The rules explanation and the storing of personal items both took place inside the room, as is always the case with The Escape Game. I will say that I like when companies incorporate the rules into the intro video, as was the case in this room. It’s a fun way to tell players not to break anything or use excessive force, but to do it “in character” and make it seem like it’s because of a reason related to the story.

The story for this room on the website is as follows:

“It started as a routine operation. As the closest team of agents in the area, your group has been asked to investigate the Ansar market. The market is closed for the evening and is not known to be a criminal hotspot. However, your “routine check” ends up taking a quick turn and suddenly, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders. With no time to send backup, can you rise to the occasion and save the day?”

Game Play
I want to start off by saying that any kind of military-themed room is usually not my first choice, so I will admit that I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the story in this room. I still understood everything that happened and knew how the game connected to the story, but this kind of theme doesn’t interest me greatly and so my review comes from that bias.

As the story on the website hints at, there are two parts to this room: the setting at the beginning and the setting after the “quick turn” they mention. Because of that description, I was actually expecting something big to happen, something that would ignite some adrenaline and really feel like a “quick turn” where “suddenly” things have changed. That was not the case, in my opinion, and so I felt a little deflated. If I could, I would reword that description to something more like “During your routine check, you find that something bigger is at stake.” Just to set appropriate expectations, in case anyone else reads the stories as closely as I do. 🙂

Everyone in my group agreed that we all liked the first setting of the room best. The scene setting and decor were both great, as always with TEG. I really liked the puzzles in this part too – they had a few different tangible type of puzzles that were really enjoyable to do. Our Game Master even complimented us afterwards on how quickly we solved a few things, which was so nice. I felt like everyone in our group was able to contribute using different strengths and solve things at the same time, which was perfect.

There were also more technology-based puzzles to solve, and those are never my favorite, but I didn’t mind them too much. I think I enjoyed them more because they were paired with other puzzles too, and it wasn’t a tech-only room.

One thing that I dislike anytime it comes up in a room: only 1 flashlight for 4 people! Why? Why must this be the case? Is it to purposely make it frustrating or to make players use up more time by not all being able to see things at once? Would it really be that bad for everyone to get to use their own flashlight? I don’t have great vision so I might be more sensitive to this than other players, but I just don’t see valid enough reasons for not having one for each player to use. At one point, we actually ended up without a flashlight to use and the GM popped in for just a second to bring us one. I thought that was fantastic. I know it might break the immersion for some people and they might see it as a negative, but I think it was exactly the right call. Again, maybe this is just because I rely on flashlights to help me see more than other people, but I felt like our GM was really looking out for us and wanted us to have the best experience possible. A gold star for service from me!

We escaped with 1:26 left on the clock, which made the ending of the game pretty fun. I think there were a few moments when all of us thought we probably weren’t going to make it, so it was exciting to end with so little time remaining.

Final Touches
Our GM was super nice and talked to us about the room a little afterwards, and even allowed us to go back and review a puzzle at the beginning that we wanted to. (I had solved something different at the time and was curious about the puzzle I hadn’t been involved in solving.) She gave us our “I escaped” stickers and then we were on our way.


In conclusion…

Play This Room If…
-You have a group of about 4 people (I think even 6 people would be too many)
-You like a mix of tangible and technology puzzles
-You’re into military themes

Skip This Room If…
-You have poor vision and would want a flashlight to yourself the whole game
-You only have time for one room at TEG (I recommend Prison Break instead)

Overall rating:  4 out of 5

Company website:

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